Friday, August 23, 2013

Greater Hazelwood Community Census Jobs

hzlwdcensusJob Description for Team Leader - Download/View Here  Application due September 6th

Job Description for Field Assistant - Download/View Here  Application Due September 6th

Application -Download/View Here

To Apply:  Send    a    cover    letter    along    with    a    resume    or    a    short    written    summary    of your    work    experience, including    names and    contacts    for    two    work    references,    to:

Jackson/Clark    Partners,    Attn:    Hazelwood    Civic    Census,  
801    N.    Negley    Avenue,    Suite    #9,
Pittsburgh,    PA    15206,    or    by    e-mail    to

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hazelwood Workforce Directory

The Greater Hazelwood Community Collaborative,  is putting together a Hazelwood Workforce Directory.  If you know of any Greater Hazelwood resident or business that would like to be among the first in our directory, pass either of these along to them so they can respond and we can start building our list.

We'll want to pass these names along to our partners, such as Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh, ALMONO, and others so that they can work with us to hire Hazelwood residents and businesses first!
To Print out this Form - Click Here to Download a Word Document Version

Please return to Saundra with POORLAW 412-670-8421 or to Dave Brewton at the Center of Life Church.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Upcoming Meetings and Easter Egg Hunt Pictures

Thanks everyone for making the 4th Annual POORLAW Easter Egg Hunt a success!
Cold and Rain couldn't keep egg hunters away!
On March 31 in the afternoon, eggs were found! food was eaten! Bikes were won! We all had plenty of fun!  Thank you so much to all the volunteers and all those who donated. Special thanks to Love Front Porch for the yard signs!
 Three Upcoming Meetings and Events this April!

POORLAW is Seeking New Board Members!
April 26, 2013 - Friday-  6pm-8pm
at the Head Start/Council of Three Rivers American Indian Building
4912 2nd Avenue across from Hazelwood Library.

Please come out and be a part of our organization. This will be an information meeting to learn about the board.
Learn all about family support and what you can do to help start a center in the Hazelwood Community …
Who: You … residents and community leaders of Hazelwood …
 especially expectant parents and parents of very young children
Where: Hazelwood Head Start at 4900 Second Avenue                         
When: April 24, 2013 at 6:00 pm
How: Learn all about family support and how you can help by joining the Hazelwood Family Support Center Steering Committee
 Put on by Community and Department of Human Services
Call Saun for more information 412-670-8421
Home OwnershipWorkshop 
Friday April 24th at Car Barn on 5344 2nd Avenue 6pm
With DeAnna Davis with Albert Anthony RealEstate.
We realize this is the same time as the Family Support Center Meeting. So much goin' on!
Did you know about Hazelwood's NEW Car Service?
Knowledgeable Transportation
An effort to provide the community with a much needed service!
Reasonable Rates! There is no where we won't go!
412-670-8421 or 412-689-9935
ask for Uncle 'Rell or Aunt Saun

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Coming Together at the Volunteer Meeting

Last Friday, about 50 people of all ages gathered at the Hazelwood YMCA for POORLAW's first volunteer meeting. The intention was to recruit volunteers, build relationships, provide an update on what POORLAW has been up too, and eat dinner!
Participants filled out volunteer applications and also brief surveys on transportation issues in Hazelwood. POORLAW introduced themselves, Saundra and Terrell shared information about the Sister Circle and Boys to Mens Club.

 Towards the end we broke up into two discussion groups. One group focused on the issues of schools and how we can get more parents involved. The other focused on different efforts in the neighborhood in bringing workshops in. Ms. Allen announced that there is neighborhood effort to open the Hazelwood pool this summer. There is a bank account being opened at the First Niagra on 2nd ave and they are asking everyone to go down there and donate 10$ for the pool. Ms. Deanna is hosting a home buying workshop at the end of April. Two participants, Ms.Robin and Ms.Karen expressed interest in leading support circles for community healing focused on healing from trauma and loss. More information on those events coming soon.

Sade, Sandy and Samara
Sarah Love commented that it is really important for there to be time for questions in all these community events. She stressed that people learn in different ways and there should always be time for questions to make sure everyone is getting the most out of these different events. An elderly participant explained that sidewalks were in desperate need of repair and she had seriously hurt her ankle, including a break,  twice in the last year. Mr. Love said the break out session on schools made the meeting worth it and felt as if the community was in agreement about the problems relating to schools. Please let POORLAW know if you are interested in volunteering at any school that Hazelwood youth attend. We will coordinate with Mr. Love and his Mifflin School Project to get training and clearances for these volunteers.
the welcome committee!

Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped serve dinner, who cooked dinner and Suzanne South for providing childcare for the 15 or so young ones!! YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

If you attended this meeting and  have any additional information or comments about the gathering please email: so we can incorporate your information and feedback.



Sister Circle Represent!

Brittany and Eben

Terrell speaking with some POORLAW Board members in background

Some of the children!
Keino from A-plus Schools
Wally Poorlaw's Board adviser from Heinz

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sister Circle In Action!

Checking out the "Break the Chain Dance"

 The Sister Circle went to the Neighborhood Print Shop at the Braddock Carnegie Library on January 19, 2013 gearing up for One Billion Rising Pittsburgh. On this day we made Hankies and Flags. 

Saundra and Etta at One Billion Rising

 One Billion Rising is a global movement to end violence against women and girls. 200 countries across the world participated. The hankies say 'Let us dance to End the Violence. Let us shake the Earth into Awareness.
Sister Circle!

Sister Circle attended
'Girls ARE Changing the World'
an event at Station Square.

Girls are changing the world highlighted Julia and Izzy, who are feminist-activists at Hardy Girls Healthy Women and bloggers for the SPARK Movement - a girl-fueled activist movement to demand an end to the sexualization of women and girls in the media.   

Sister Circle!!
After becoming frustrated by the images they saw of women and girls, Julia made a documentary and together, they wrote a successful petition--collecting 86,000 signatures--asking Seventeen Magazine to use more authentic images and to stop retouching photos to make girls and young women look sexier and less flawed. "We want to show Seventeen we love our bodies just the way they are," Julia told Good Morning America. "We don't need Photoshop to 'fix' us."  

With Julia and Izzy's actions and an overwhelming response from thousands of like-minded readers, Seventeen editors promised to feature "real girls and models who are healthy" and to give readers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how it shoots and edits photo spreads.