Saturday, January 26, 2013

POORLAW Represents at Summit Against Racism!!

 The Summit Against Racism honors and acknowledges Terrell and Saundra for their AMAZING perseverance in enduring oppression and persistance in the fight for justice and freedom for Terrell. 

Terrell and Saundra also spoke on the Racism in PA prisons and the Fight to Change it.          Check out the video of panel here!   The description of the panel was: Attendees will hear from members of local struggles in the PA prison justice movement. The panel will consisted of Martha Conley, speaking on the Death Penalty and Political Prisoners, Terrell Johnson, who was recently released from prison after being wrongly convicted for over 17 years, Devon Cohen spoke about Decarcerate-PA - the statewide movement opposing the constructing of new prisons and Shandre Delaney spoke about the Campaign to Abolish Solitary Confinement. Gloria Scotts-Johnson of Parents Against Violence and the Black Radical Congress talked about issues related to the criminalization of juveniles. This panel was facilitated by Suzanne South.

The Boys To Men Club at lunch.

 To find out more about the Summit Against Racism Check out their BLOG HERE!

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